How to not make a Birthday Cake

Well today is my sister-in-laws birthday (Happy Birthday Miss). So I am going to use that as an excuse to talk about birthday cakes. I know everyone loves some sort of birthday cake. It might be a great chocolate cake or maybe it is a white cake with lemon frosting. But I think that all of us can remember the great cakes that our mom's made for us when we were kids. I know I remember how much effort my mother put into making sure our cakes were perfect.

Around here Erin does that for our kids. I thought we should do a little review.

Here is a great cake She made this last year for Stirfry. I think we were on a cupcake kick this last year, so you can see the awesome ball cupcakes she put together. The amazing attention to detail and how much work she put into them.

Here is buluga's stunning elegant yet simple cupcakes. They turned out so perfect and were pretty good to boot. I think we should make some more.

Lastly we have Speedy's. She went all out with this train cake. It was impressive. She put so much work into something that was just eaten.

This brings me to my last cake. The other night Speedy was eating with us at the table. You know the Sunday dinners that you mom or wife puts all the effort into. Getting up at the crack of dawn to sear the roast. Then puts it into the crock pot for hours on end to make a simple piece of meat tender as butter. Then slave over a stove for hours making the most delicate mash potatoes. Then puts some greens in for good measure. That was our night. About half way into it we saw that Speedy was doing a little something with his dinner. When asked what he was doing his response was, "Its my birthday. I'm making cake." So here you go. How not to make birthday cake.


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