How to lower your food budget - Part Two

So last week I talked about how to save money on your food budget by using coupons. If you missed it or need a refresher go here.
This week I'm going to talk about my ALL TIME favorite website! It's called grocery smarts. It list local stores and what they have on sale. They give the items on sale a star rating, 1 being the worst and 5 stars being the best price you'll probably ever see for that item. You need your states code, that you enter on the right side under "enter a passport". Here are some state codes that I know... Utah is g84ctm or g84cem, Arizona g85ro1, Eastern Washington g99ro1, Idaho g83ro1, Nevada/Las Vegas Area g89cjm, Nevada g89csb, Southern California g92ro1. If you don't find where you live on here go to Pinching Your Pennies and go to State Forums and go to your state and see if you can find your local store ad listed.
Both of these sites are great resources when it comes to shopping. Often times I have a hard time remembering what is a good deal for things. Grocery Smarts tells you on their star scale how good of price it is, and it'll tell you where you can find coupons for those products either online or in newspapers. If there is a coupon listed the star rate is based on the price after the coupon is used.
So how do I use this website? I go on and see what the great deals are and try to plan my menu around that. Or if I know I am almost out of something and it goes on sale for a great price, I stock up, so when I do need it I don't have to pay full price. Did you know that sometimes stores list things in their ad to make you think they are sale and they really aren't on sale or that great of a price?
So go check out my favorite site and see what is on sale for an unbeatable price at the store near you!


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