I'm not much of an organizer, I wish I were but I'm not. There is one thing I purchased a while back, that I love and use regularly. So what is this item? It's a white board that is magnetic so I can have it on my fridge.
I keep telephone numbers on there that people might need, and basically everything else has to to do with food. I have written what freezer meals or part of meals I have in the freezer so I know and they don't just get lost in there and forgotten. I have my menu you on there. And last but not least, I have what I need to get at stores. Has this ever happened to you?...You use up the last of something, only to forget to buy it at the store and you remember that you are out of it the next time you go to use it. I do this ALL the time. But now the minute I use something up or know I am getting close (in most cases, sometimes I still forget) I write it down under the store I buy it from. So I usually have 3 to 4 stores on my white board. Also when ads come out I write items that are on sale that I need to get that week.
So here is the challenge for this week...find a way to be a little more organized so you know what you have, where you have it, and what you need, so you don't let things go to waste. Good Luck!


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